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Faux flowers & shrubs


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Our selection of faux flowers are chosen due to being the most realistic on the market.  All the flowers and and shrubs can be displayed in the house or look great on a garden table.  Each have wire in the stems so you can bend and open out your display.  The stemmed flowers can be cut down to a size to fit an existing vase.  Fill any glass vases with water and these flowers will be taken as real by your guests.


P&P for accessories is charged at £3.95 per order.  



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Cherry Blossom branch



Large wild lavender

£38  SALE £28

Tall eucalyptus sprigs, sprinkled in silver.  Wire based so can be bent and cut to size.


Tall white berry branch, pop a couple in with your festival bouquet.


£4 per stem

IMG_8175 IMG_2134

Eucalyptus bunch. Wire based so they can be bent and cut to size.


£13 for bunch of 5 joined stems

IMG_3998 IMG_3997 IMG_4234


Thistle branch


IMG_4233 IMG_2979 IMG_2980 IMG_2981





Berry Branch






Pussy Willow



Berry Branch





IMG_3448 IMG_3444 IMG_3406 IMG_5504


Eucalyptus in grey urn


IMG_7485 IMG_7488


Pink Peonies