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Christmas Corner - themed Christmas gifts picked by Ottilie


Gorgeous christmas themed gifts that make perfect presents and some can be used and enjoyed all year.   Our christmas themed gifts are full of stars, twinkle lights and angel wings.  



normal_colourful-recycled-mirror IMG_4722

Set of 4 snowflakes

Hang on tree or on a mirror by the silver ribbon.  Size 14cm


Naked wire plain lights



Plain naked wire lighs. Battery operated with timer. 5m


Naked wire star lights

photo 2



Star naked wire lighs. Battery operated with timer. 5m







Reindeer doorstop

Reindeer candle studs



Great boxed presents - set of three


FullSizeRender (5) IMG_9619 IMG_4688b

Silver reindeer baubles

Set of three baubles in a

presetation box



Two sized led star  - large 73cm

£13 - £23

Wire star with lights

Stars Stars really can't go wrong with stars, they are definitey our obession.  Best bit they can stay up all year!

These naked wire lights are made just for us and come with a timer so you dont have to turn turn them on and off over the holiday season. Use your fairy lights in lanterns and wrapped round logs, mirrors and mantlepieces. Longer than shop lights.

These are too good to hang on the tree!  Hang the glass snowflakes on a mirror or a window to sparkle.  The reindeer baubles look fabulous tied with ribbon and hanging on the mantlepiece, bannisters or pop in a bowl wrapped with fairy lights

FullSizeRender (24) baubales


Set of six baubles


White & gold star baubles

IMG_7699 IMG_2613


Four sizes

£5.50 - £19

Raw nickle stars

IMG_2361 IMG_1832



Reindeer on wooden stand

White houses LED or t-lights



From £8.50

IMG_2615 (1)


We saw this trend start last year and it continues even stronger this year.  We have the white houses with led lighhts or in a t-light style.

Wooden scandi houses



Dandelion dual powered outdoor lights

£23 - 31

IMG_2184 IMG_2619

Ceramic santas



These little seramic santas can be hung on the tree or places on a shelf.  



Indoor or outdoor LED birch trees

From £36